Four Servings of Human Flesh

by Regurgitated Pus

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released February 13, 2015

4 band split featuring Aborning, Chainsaw Castration, Cheerleader Concubine, and Regurgitated Pus



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Regurgitated Pus Winter Haven, Florida

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Track Name: A Stiff One In The Backwoods
Funk up the defunct
With red tinted cum, spilling out on the porch
Raped in the Marshlands
Fucked in the swamp
Crusty old cum on a heap of corpses

The tractor is waiting to crush some skulls
Pig nut gagball before the wheels roll

Skinning fresh bodies, high on the dope
Potbelly pig fucker, cannibal fuck
Bastard taking victims from the boondocks

Back to his shack to tenderize
Her tender ass
Her tender thighs
Another chick no longer alive

Blown apart, shotgun to the spine

Outhouse smoke out, taking spliffs to the shitter
The buzz is quite nice
When you're staring at the corpse filled marsh
Track Name: Wanted By The Pigs
Dragged to the the rape shack
Through the waste of pigs and humans
And a dick or two

Bodily fluids
Pig entrails
The pigs will have their way with her
Four male swine in the slop
Fucking her and they just won't stop

Cum covered socks
Severed dicks on hooks
Some bitch hung from her twat
Strange man with a pitchfork for a dildo
Crusty cum rag, I wonder why he needed it

Can't escape the rectal exploring from the pigs in the rape shack
Her asshole stretched so far, she died from anal swine explosion